Monday, 30 January 2017

How to used Bitdefender support number?

When to Disable Bitdefender Antivirus Temporarily?

Bitdefender antivirus no doubt, is providing nonstop protection to your PC, but sometimes its background scanning activities slowdowns the system or stop you from performing any other action due to continuous scanning process.

Slowdown of PC can affect your common task, and if you are performing an important work, you can face major losses. Hence, at this moment you can temporarily disable Bitdefender 2017 and free your system to perform at full efficiency without showing any sluggish speed. If you don’t know when you can temporarily disable Bitdefender 2017, then read the best occasions below.

At the time of installation

 Most of the antivirus protection software comes with facility to enable or disable as per the needs. Similarly, Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 can be disabled for temporarily basis for specific time as per the preference with option to enable anytime later on after installation.

To safeguard few specific files

 During the scanning process Antivirus software including Bitdefender deletes important files along with infected files. You can lose important data or such files from your system, hence, you can disable as per your choice to avoid such risks. If you need any help you can dial Bitdefender support number to take help of technicians for such needs.

When Visiting at Unsafe Websites

There are many websites that are unsafe, and when you visit at such web pages you can see warning or messages showing your computer is at risk or there are higher chances of phishing or other threats. The pop-ups and warring messages can be very annoying but you can get rid of such irritating notifications, but make sure you not become victim of virus outbreak.

Nevertheless, if your system is infected with virus, you can get Bitdefender Tech Support for quick online help and enable the antivirus protection to scan your PC and remove such threats. Disabling such security software is risker for the users, the vulnerability towards your PC attracts virus, malware and other dangerous threats with cascading impact across the networks.

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