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How To Backup Data Using Bitdefender Total Security Software For Your Windows 10 OS?

Bitdefender total security software not only protects your computer system from various kinds of malicious threats, virus attacks, and intrusions but it also backups the data of your hard disk so that in case of any data loss user can easily recover his data without any difficulties. Just like any other efficient third-party data backup solution including Hard disk and other storage devices it comes with an in- built backup feature including various restoration features that make the data restoration process easy. In case you face any technical issue while working on Bitdefender total security software then you can avail help from Bitdefender technical support phone number services toll-free.

Bitdefender Total Security backup interface is highly user-friendly, but still it is strongly recommended that you must have the proper knowledge of the data backup and restore process. In case, you are using the Bitdefender Total Security program at home and want to back up your important and crucial data you do not need to have any technical background you can easily do the following within no time through the help of Bitdefender tech support phone number services.

Bitdefender Total Security program comes with a unique feature including that the data will be automatically scanned by the anti-virus itself before the actual backup process will takes place. By following the instructions given below, you can easily back up your data using the Bitdefender Total Security application.

  • ·     Log on to your Windows 10 Operating System to back up the data using the Bitdefender Total Security application.
  • ·         Double-click on your Bitdefender Total Security program to initialize it.
  • ·         Now go to the left pane and click to select Backup category.
  • ·         Now click the Backup Locally button in the right pane.
  • ·         On the opened confirmation box, click the Yes button.
  • ·         Now click next to continue.
  • ·         Now select the data that you want to backup from your Windows 10 Operating System and click next.
  • ·         Now choose where to backup window 10 data and click to select the appropriate radio button as desired.
  • ·          Now choose the destination location where you want the backup file to be saved.
  • ·         Click OK to proceed and then click next.
  • ·           In opened Summary window, in the Task name field, specify a name for the current backup task.  
  • ·         Finally, click the Start Backup button to start the backup process.

To avail help from these Bitdefender technical support services, customers can give a call at Bitdefender tech support phone number toll-free.  These are the online support services working to offer help to US customers facing various issues with the working of Bitdefender Total Security program. Here solutions are offered by experienced technicians through remote technology and solutions are offered on time and at a lowest possible cost.

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