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How to Disable Bitdefender Temporarily?

This is a blog post to fix the turn off or disable Bitdefender temporarily with stepwise instructions to disable the Bitdefender antivirus. This helps to know the right way of turning off the Bitdefender on temporary basis. Actually, when Bitdefender users don’t want to run this antivirus software on their system for a while then they can disable or turn off the Bitdefender. And to know the right the process of turning off the Bitdefender follows the steps given below.

Steps to Turn-off the disable the Bitdefender Temporarily:

Step 1: Open Bitdefender and go to open modules.
Step 2: Here select ‘Antivirus’ and click on setting.
Step 3: Now access Scanning and make the active “Threat Control”.
Step 4: A pop-up window about time allocation to set time.
Step 5: Here you need to disable the antivirus protection.
Step 6: Now select disable the tool and restart the PC.
Step 7: Bitdefender is disabled on your computer.

If you follow these steps you can disable the Bitdefender on your computer. If there is any problem or this antivirus software is still running on your computer. Just dial Bitdefender antivirus support number 1-877-240-5577 and get online assistance by experts to turn off the Bitdefender antivirus related problems and solve Bitdefender related other issues.

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