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How to Reset Bitdefender Account Password?

To know how to reset your Bitdefender account password find here the right solution given by experts. The entire blog post contains the several steps that are helpful in solving the account password related issues with Bitdefender antivirus. If a Bitdefender user is looking to reset the account password or facing a problem with their Bitdefender antivirus account, then this bog will be very helpful in solving the actual problems causing such issues.

Steps to Reset Bitdefender Account Password:

Step 1: Open the Bitdefender official link and click the “Forgot your password” option
Step 2: Now click on the “e-mail address” box and type your current email ID
Step 3: A new window opens, enter your e-mail address use to create own “My Bitdefender” account and click on the Recover password link.
Step 4: Now, type and confirm the new passwords with at least 6 characters long.
Step 5: Click the “Submit” button and click over the option “Apply Changes”.
Step 6: Now enter the e-mail address and the new password to access in “My Bitdefender Account”.
The computers secured with Bitdefender antivirus can fix this problem by following the instructions give above. To login Bitdefender antivirus these instructions are very helpful ensuring the customize needs of each users and their privacy. And if unable to login Bitdefender or reset the password call at contact Bitdefender support number 1-877-240-5577 and get online assistance to solve such issues and make the antivirus software trouble-free.

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