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How to Disable All Modules in Bitdefender 2018?

If you have installed Bitdefender antivirus 2018 on your computer and don’t want use of stop scanning and antivirus protection on your system you can disable all the Modules functions in Bitdefender 2018 and enjoy the undisrupted computing on your system:

Steps to Disable All Modules in Bitdefender 2018:

Step 1: Open Bitdefender and click on hamburger menu.
Step 2: Now access the Protection window, and click on VIEW FEATURES.
Step 3: Go back to the Protection Features screen and click on the Settings icon
Step 4: Here turn off all five switches for the following features:
  • Scan Web Traffic for malware
  • Search Advisor, Scan SSL
  • Protection against fraud
  • Protection against phishing
Step 5: Now go back to the Protection Features screen.
Step 6: In the FIREWALL module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 7: In the ADVANCED THREAT DEFENSE module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 8: Here in the ANTISPAM module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 9: In the VULNERABILITY module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 10: In the SAFE FILES module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 11: Now click on the hamburger menu and go to the Privacy screen.
Step 12: Here you need to select VIEW FEATURES.
Step 13: Now Click Configure under PARENTAL ADVISOR and Sign in.
Step 14: Here choose the profile associated with your device
Step 15: Now click the icon next to it and select Devices.
Step 16: Uncheck the box next to the name of your PC, then click SAVE.
Step 17: Here In the WEBCAM PROTECTION module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 18: In the PASSWORD MANAGER module, set the switch to OFF.
Step 19: Now return to the main Bitdefender interface
Step 20: Click on the hamburger menu and go to Settings window.
Step 21: Now Go to the PROFILES tab.
Step 22: Set the switch next to Activate profiles automatically to OFF.
Step 23: Scroll down and turn OFF Real-time optimization.
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